About Kieran Warwick

The Burger Collective is the third e-commerce company that Kieran has founded. After deciding not to pursue a career as a tennis pro (his dad Kim Warwick was an Australian champion) he moved back to Australia from the US with a well-developed taste for great burgers. He spent the past decade focusing his competitive streak on retailing, progressing from shopfloor checkout to online checkout.

He trained at Harvey Norman before taking on the store manager roles at critical properties in Sydney. He became one of the youngest Harvey Norman franchisees.


He later co-founded his first company, Mastering CGI Tutorials, an online training provider that creates original educational content in the competitive space of computer generated imagery. With his brother, Kain, he also co-founded Ai (Audio Invasion), an early online music equipment retailer.

Contact details

Kieran Warwick
Founder & CEO
+61 402 462 711