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🐊🥃 The Carolina Tail Gator 🥃🐊 . Wagyu Beef Patty House Made Southern Pimento Cheese House Carolina Applewood 14hr Smoked Pork Twisties Mac N Cheese Jack Daniels Chipotle & Honey BBQ Sauce Crispy Onions Pickled Jalapeños . 🐊🥃🐊🥃🐊🥃🐊 ~ The current special from BBJ isn’t the prettiest burger to look at, but it ticks all the boxes that make up a quality burger for me. It is similar in concept to the DNO special, executed in a different way. It was almost a no brainer that I had to try it. Last time I went to Annandale the burger seemed slapped together and devoid of flavour. This was executed very well. The burger was so balanced without any one ingredient jumping out. Beef was pink and juicy. It’s cool that they’re making their own cheese, but I couldn’t tell the difference from regular cheese. In saying that I wolfed this down quite quickly, and I wasn’t until I was almost finished that I remembered I needed to review it 😄 I ate fries with this burger, which I don’t normally do. They had a nice seasoning, which I think was used in the onions too. They were really crispy and added the desired crunch. The pork wasn’t dry, but it wasn’t moist either. In the mix of the burger it didn’t matter, as the mac n cheese with its delicious gooey moisture fixed that up. The bbq sauce was used judiciously, and added just enough sweetness to round out the flavours. Another quality special put out by BBJ.





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