Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with TBC Delivery

Why would I join The Burger Collective Delivery over another partner?

In short, we're supporting local restaurants by offering the lowest delivery cost in market. You can read about other benefits.

What does The Burger Collective charge me for Delivery?

We charge a flat rate of $7.49 per delivery (plus .30c + 1.75% processing).

Are there any membership fee's associated with The Burger Collective?

There is a $49 per month Premium membership fee. This fee purely helps us to cover our operating costs as we make no profit on what we charge our partners for delivery.

How does The Burger Collective offer cheaper rates than large companies like UberEats and Menulog?

We've partnered with DoorDash to secure a wholesale rate for delivery which means we can offer small businesses the same rates that larger chains receive.

Does TBC Delivery require me to have tablet?

Yes, we provide you with a 7" tablet free of charge so you can receive orders.

Can customer's order takeaway using TBC Delivery?

Yes, our members have the ability to choose pick-up as an option.

What are the costs associated with TBC pick-up?

Just the processing fees of .30c + 1.75%. We don't charge a commission for these orders.

How do I sign up?

Just click here and enter your details and one of the team will be in contact within 24 hours.

Having trouble with your order?

Please contact our Customer support or send us an email at

Setting up your restaurant with TBC Delivery

I've just received my tablet, what do I need to do to start receiving orders?

Within your Welcome Pack you should find a Restaurant How-to booklet. This booklet guides you through setting up your tablet with your bank transfer details, average preparation times, minimum order value and Delivery hours.

How can I update my menu items, pricing and other restaurant details after initial setup?

You're able to access your restaurant profile VIA the TBC Mobile App or Restaurant Portal

Can I only have burgers on the menu?

Definitely not. We encourage restaurants to add their entire menu to the app. Our members love burgers but they also love wings, smoked meats and loaded fries!

How do I update my menu?

You can update your menu in our mobile app or in the Restaurant Portal

I haven't received my POS set up email.

Please drop us an email at

Will I need to change anything with my current subscription?

Yes because you actually receive a discount. We'll talk you through these steps over the phone.

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