the idea behind
the burger collective

TBC came about from the sheer frustration of not being able to find good burgers around Sydney.

We knew they were out there, but finding them on the usual delivery apps and review sites was a nightmare. So we asked ourselves the one big question that started our quest to build the best burger app we could:


Why is it so hard to find burgers in Australia?


The answer was simple - with no dedicated burger app, burger lovers around the country were missing out on amazing burgers just around the corner. So we decided to change that.

The start of something juicy...


We needed to make sure we were not alone and that we were on to a good idea


Heading straight to the source, we asked chefs and owners if they thought we were on to something


Fortunately, all 4 of those restaurants agreed and they became our founding partners

With the support of some of the best burger restaurants in Sydney, and a whole lot of hope, three best friends now had a new question to answer:


What would we, as burger lovers, want in an app?


For Kieran

it was all about the battle for burger supremacy - who could eat, rate and review the most burgers

Meet the team

Meet the like-minded burger enthusiasts behind the app.
They've "sacrificed" themselves with thousands of hours of "research & development 🍔" to ensure they create the best experience possible for burger lovers all around the country.

Kieran is our fearless leader and CEO. He used to be the picture of health, but now when he gets on the scales it says "double quarter pounder".


Kieran Warwick

Chief Executive Officer

Ross is our CMO. His dedication to 'market research' is unlike any other, aiming to consume as many burgers as he can in a working week.


Ross Kemp

Chief Marketing Officer

Nathan is a lifelong lover of burgers and technology - so it was only a matter of time until he built an app to find lunch.


Nathan Waserman

Chief Technology Officer

Adam, aka Melbourne Burger Kid, is The Burger Collective’s eyes and ears in Melbourne. He’s our venue partner detective, sleuthing through Melbourne’s burger scene, Canon 760D in hand.


Adam Miller

Business Development Manager

They call him The Ketchup King... Rumour has it he doesn't miss
a meal without ketchup...


Tyler Shawaf

Brand Development Manager


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